Breathe in deep – it’s clean air day!

POSTED: 21/07/2021


Super Soco

With 17 June marking Clean Air Day, we thought it would be a little rude not to make a point of the occasion, especially since we offer a viable and affordable solution to helping clean up the air in our cities with our electric motorcycles and scooters. Did you know, air pollution alone accounts for up to 40,000 deaths per year in the UK and is a leading contributing cause of major diseases like asthma, lung disease, heart disease and strokes!? And all of this is before you even consider the damage that harmful pouting gasses cause to the planet.

The path to a cleaner and more sustainable future lies with electric. And the Super Soco range of fully electrified motorcycles and scooters offer a fantastic way to not only help clean up the air in our cities, but also help reduce your carbon footprint.

All Super Soco vehicles features removable batteries that offer practical range for the everyday commuter and can be charged at home (or the office if you want to get your boss to pay for your travel) via a standard UK 3-pin plug.

The UK Government is trying to combat some of the air pollution problems by introducing Clean Air Zones which will lead to tougher restrictions on existing petrol and diesel powered vehicles in a bid to made a dent in the battle for cleaner air but it’s still not enough.

100g of CO2 is a figure that doesn’t seem like too much of an impact on the environment at first glance. A CO2 gram per km figure is commonly referenced by different brands as a benchmark of how much emissions a vehicle emits. 100g doesn’t even seem like too much but it surprises people to discover that when converted to a capacity that 100g translates to 54.47 litres! When a hybrid car produces 104g/km, a typical 4×4 emits 228g/km and a petrol-powered scooter produces 49g/km it’s scary to see just how much CO2 we produce on a daily basis without referencing the additional Carbon monoxide, Hydrocarbons and Nitrogen produced at a local level.

Super Soco models achieve an average of 7.5g/km CO2 and Electric Cars around 35g/km. Of course, if the electricity is generated via renewable means the CO2 figure would be zero.

Why not use our CO2 calculator to find out how much carbon you’ll save being released into the atmosphere by switching to electric for the daily commute?

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