Jofama Halvarssons Ladies Walkyria Jkt Fog

Brand: Jofama
Jofama Halvarssons Ladies Walkyria Jkt Fog



The Walkyria jacket is a pretty amazing jacket from Halvarssons. The Walkyria jacket has the comfort of a typical Halvarssons jacket and, most amazingly, its priced like a typical Halvarssons jacket. But the Walkyria is actually constructed from a two layer laminate material.

Now, these days, most serious motorcyclists know the difference between a drop liner Jacket and a laminated jacket but, for those who don't,
here's a quick synopsis. A drop-liner jacket has a separate waterproof membrane that is suspended inside the outer layer. 99% of waterproof
jackets and pants are constructed in this way as well. And the method works. But in persistent and prolonged rain, the outer material will eventually
wet out. The jacket will become heavy, and because there's so much rain water absorbed by the outer material, the rider can become cold, and
eventually wet.

For most riders, such conditions are quite rare. The other issue with a drop liner garment is how long it takes for them to dry out. This is a problem
for those who commute for, say, more than an hour into work because it means that in the evening when it's time to ride home, the suit might well still
be wet. This is not very nice.

The other method of construction for textile motorcycle apparel is to use what is known as a laminated fabric, where the waterproof membrane is heat sealed,
on the inner side, directly on to the outer material. Because water cannot be so easily absorbed, the jacket will be more waterproof, and importantly it will dry
out much more quickly, normally inside an hour. Now this is manna from heaven for commuters. But there are normally some downsides to laminated garments.

First, they're not always particularly comfortable because the fabric can be a little stiff. Second, they can be extraordinarily expensive, sometimes twice the price of
the equivalent drop liner product. But this is where Halvarssons really has re-written the rule book. First because the Walkyria is incredibly comfortable. There's virtually
no stiffness to the material. It simply doesn't feel like a laminated jacket. The second shocker is the price!

On the outside of the jacket there is a supremely durable Teflon water repellant. For abrasion resistance, the jacket is lined in all the key vulnerable areas with Halvarssons'
Hi Art lining that increases the strength of the outer material by 500%. For thermal protection, the Walkyria has a removable Outlast lining backed with Thinsulate, this is the
same as in the Prime and Prince. Obviously, there's CE approved armour in the elbows, shoulders, and this is Level 2 armour. There's a pocket for a back protector. There's
good venting on the front of the jacket, and an open vent on the back to allow air to exhaust out of the jacket.

The top can be attached a trouser. There are waist and sleeve adjusters on the jacket. There are numerous reflectors all over and, as with the Prime and Prince, you get a removable
hi vis vest. We really cannot stress too much just how amazing this package is.


Textile 2 layer

Teflon coated

HI ART reinforced

Dryway laminated

Outlast temperature regulating, removable liner with Thinsulate

Adjustable CE approved armour Level 2

Can be complemented with our CE approved back protector SECURE L2 (see here for our recommendation)

Ventilation, expanded system with open yoke at the back, contributing to increased circulation

Attachable to pants

Adjustable jacket & sleeve width


Removable hi vis vest

Halvarssons Women's Motorcycle Jackets.

XXS 34 6
XS 36 8
S 38 10
M 40 12
L 42 14
XL 44 16
XXL 46 18
3XL 48 20
4XL 50 22

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