Bike It Bananaz Earplugs

Part No: EARBNZ001
Brand: Bike It
Bike It Bananaz Earplugs

MotorPlugs are premium earplugs dedicated for use by motorcyclists to prevent hearing damage whilst riding.

Noise-induced hearing loss occurs when you?re exposed to sound that is louder than your ears can handle. Noise above 80 dB can be harmful, whilst riding your motorcycle this volume
from engine noise and wind is commonly greater than 100 dB, putting you at immediate risk of permanent hearing damage. MotorPlugs reduce noise by an average 26 decibels across all
frequencies, lowering the noise level and reducing risk of damage to your hearing.

MotorPlugs utilise a specialised Wind Filter which attenuate harmful noises from wind-flow whilst allowing ambient sounds to filter through. This prevents that cut off or Isolated feeling commonly
experienced with other earplugs on the market, allowing you to still hear ambient traffic noise as well as in-helmet devices such intercoms, SatNav and music players.

MotorPlugs are easy to fit and remove, comfortable and discrete. They do not protrude outside of the ear canal making them comfortable to wear inside your crash helmet.

Each MotorPlugs pack contains 1 pair of earplugs and 1 aluminium storage keyfob (with bottle opener feature).

1 pair of earplugs with special wind filter (26dB)
Comfortable fit with helmet
Safe attenuation of sound (EN 352-2 certification)
Prevents isolation
Conversations remain clear
Music inside helmet stays clearly audible
No sound distortion
Comfortable, discreet, and reusable
Average noise reduction of 26dB
Aluminium storage keyfob

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