Thu, 04 Jul 2019

Celebrate 50 years of Honda inline fours with a brand new CB motorcycle

After 50 years of success stories, incredible riding experiences and thousands of unique designs, Honda are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the CB range bringing inline four road champion bikes. The journey began back in 1969 with the first official release of the CB750, which was actually heralded as the worlds first superbike. That very heritage evolved and designs flourished, bringing even more power, inspiration and beauty to the line-up, leading to todays incredible Neo Sports Café range - which effortlessly imbues each machine with classic design, while allowing the frame to benefit from modern techniques; both in beauty and physique.

We stock the full range of Neo Sports Café motorcycles here at Two Wheels, so the only thing left to do is choose. There's one for every rider, with different engine sizes to satisfy each licence category, plus, slight alterations and touches to change each model. Which will you be dominating the street on? Take a look here today, or pop in-store to see them in person and speak to a member of our team, who could help make your dreams come true for less.